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The First Ever Webcam Romance: Watch It Now!

While some may long for the simpler days of sock hops and soda shoppe romance—we at YourTango wonder what the old days would have been like with modern technology thrown in the mix. Remember "Facebook Manners And You"? The love story continues... on Facebook, naturally. Many of you met Alice and Timmy, the stars of "Facebook Manners and You," our Webby Award-nominated video about Facebook relationship dos and don'ts, in Spring 2009. Now those crazy kids are back! This time they're documenting their relationship for the world to see with their "Electronic Picture Diaries." Using their MyPhones and OurTube, Alice and Timmy try to manage their old-fashioned love with modern technology. "Facebook Manners and You" was a viral hit and Alice and Timmy's electronic picture diaries are posed to do the same. Each week, starting November 15, a new Alice and Timmy video will be released on YourTango's Facebook fan page. You can view the trailer below and watch the first episode by visiting this link:

The Return Of Alice AND Timmy

The Return Of Alice AND Timmy

We produced a video about Facebook manners and dating rules last year that completely took off. There is literally not a household in America that doesn't know the names Alice and Timmy. Despite the video's ominous ending, we felt the Alice and Timmy story wasn't over. To that regard (and because we LOVE the idealized 1950s), we've created a 14-part video series about how Alice and Timmy met and what technology SHOULD have been like 50 years ago. Check us out on Facebook to see the WHOLE story.