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Grandma Sarah Palin
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Sarah Palin And More Hot Celebrity Boomer Grandparents

"Don't cha" call her a grandma! At 44, America's favorite Alaskan is going to be a grandparent for a second time. Her eldest son, Track, 22, is expecting his first child with wife, Britta Hansen. Sarah already has one grandchild, Tripp, the son of DWTS turned author, Bristol. And to make the story more salacious? This could be Sarah's second out-of-wedlock grandchild. Reportedly, Britta looked pregnant during her baby shower, leading many to believe she was already with child long before heading down the aisle.

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Study: The Older A Woman, The More She Enjoys Sex

The older, the better? You bet! A recent study found that as time progresses in a relationship, women become more satisfied with the sex — while men become more satisfied with the relationship as a whole. In fact, it takes 25 years in a long-term relationship for sex to begin predicting how happy women are with said relationship. Crazy, right? Hey, for a lot of us, that's a long way off!

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Are Your Mid-Twenties Too Young To Have Kids?

I just turned 38. Am I too old to contemplate one more pregnancy before I hang up my fallopian tubes? After all of the drama I've endured with my last five pregnancies (and three births), I feel like I've gotten pregnancy down to an art. It seems unfair that I might be considered too old or too risky to bear another child.

Claudia Opdenkelder

Behind The Scenes Of Dating Site

Calling all fans of The Graduate! If you're a cute little cat who has always dreamt of frolicking with an older, more seasoned kitty, prance on over to The site aims to connect the dots for "cubs" and "cougars" looking for a May/December romance. The site now has over 1.4 million members, and membership is evenly split between cougars and cubs.

Females And Younger Men: Where Do You Fit In?
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Females And Younger Men: Where Do You Fit In?

Maybe Katie Couric is right.  Lemondrop: Salute to Women in the News According to Judith Brower, author of FAYM: Females and Younger Men, the Trend That Changes the Rules, behind every great single woman should be a line of younger, single men. No, she's not jumping on the cougar train a few years too late. Dating younger men, she says, is about increasing your chances of finding a soul mate. It's also the new black, natural order of things (since women live, on average, five years longer), and a habit Hollywood's had for years.

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Love Advice For My Formerly Hot Self

My memoir, My Formerly Hot Life: Dispatches from Just the Other Side of Young (Ballantine) is all about life since I recently discovered I am a not-young woman, and all the tremendously cool aspects of being this age that no one tells you about. In that vein, below are five things I wish I'd known about love and romance when I was younger, the knowledge of which serve to make me wiser and happier in matters of the heart now than I was then (or at least give me pause before I repeat my mistakes—hey, older and wiser doesn't always mean smarter). A no-longer-twentysomething's wise love advice to her younger self proves useful to us all.

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Why We Become Sex Crazed At Age 27

Reaching our mid-30s can be fabulous. That's something we learned from watching our girls in Sex and The City. Except, when our birthday finally dawns on us and we start to look at our future and think about how quickly this age crept up on us and how quickly the next year will, too. What often crowds our minds at this age are our biological clocks. By 30 and continuing into our 40s, all we can hear is a faint, imaginary murmur from our anxious tubes: tick-tock, tick-tock. It's this "sound" that, according to new research from the University of Texas Austin, that drives us to "capitalize on our remaining childbearing years." In layman's terms, we have sex and lots of it.

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The (Very Sexy) Benefits Of An Empty Nest

Each year, it is believed that thousands of couples across the country experience intense, irreversible heartbreak. The culprits? Their children. In the 1970s, psychologists clinically identified and popularized the term "empty nest syndrome" to refer to the depression, anxiety and loneliness that can overcome parents when their children leave home to begin their adult lives. We propose that this period known as the empty nest be reintroduced to society as synonymous with renewal, abandon and the best sex of your life—because it should be.

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How To Flirt With An Older Man

He's got 20 years on you, but you find him irresistible. You'd love to date him, but how? Flirting with an older man is similar to flirting with any guy—with a few exceptions. Here's how to successfully flirt with an older man.

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Why Women Should Look Forward To Aging

Don't believe what you read in magazines and Web sites for women. Well, except for this one. When it's me. Publications for women love to make you feel sh**ty about yourself, particularly when it comes to aging—as if it were a choice, and women who choose to let nature take its course are sad, harelipped bog creatures who are too busy listening to the wind whistle through their empty wombs to properly moisturize. Actresses who were once young and vibrant and adorable undergo grotesque surgeries to defy the natural process of senescence and end up with strange facsimiles of their former faces. (Meg Ryan's mouth and Lara Flynn Boyle's mouth should go bowling at an alley that allows weird-looking mouths to bowl at discount prices.) Well, I'm sort of sick of it. Yes, 20-something women can be vital and gorgeous, many of them with bodies at the nubile peak that our culture covets so much. It's not just the gorgeous groundstrokes that keep men watching women's tennis. And don't get me started on the grunting volley. But older women? They rule. For a ton of reasons. And they're sexy as all get out.

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Sleep Your Way To A Better Relationship

Mom always got on us about getting our Z's every night. As annoying as that could be, as much as we wanted to stay up and talk on the phone/watch late night TV/read magazines, she was on to something. And who is the most sleep-deprived in our culture? You guessed it: single, working women and mothers. What do you think, can you and your S.O. vow to get a full night of sleep every night for a month?

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Ever Feel Like Just Another Girlfriend?

My boyfriend is 10 years older than me. We're in love and it's awesome. There are many, many perks to dating a dude who is older, some of which you can read here. But there's one tiny downfall, at least for me. In his 40 years on earth, my devastatingly handsome boyfriend has had more than his share of girlfriends and has been in love a handful of times. This is probably totally normal and not a cause for, uh, concern for most 30-year-old women, who have likely had many relationships in their lives too. Unfortunately, I haven't and his vast relationship experience makes me feel like I'm somehow not as special as I'd like to be.