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How To Rebuild Trust After An Affair
It takes effort to get back to a loving place, but it can be done.
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Had An Affair? With Time & Effort, You Can Rebuild Trust

Many people think that to have an affair is to automatically lose the opportunity for a healthy marriage. But many couples choose to work through the breach of trust together and rebuild their relationship. Here, two experts offer real-life tips for fixing your bond after infidelity.

Have An Affair: Before You Leave Your Spouse, Consider This
You're happy together now, but what will happen once everyday life enters the picture?
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Before You Leave Your Spouse For Your Lover, Consider This

An affair or infidelity can seem exciting, sensual or even romantic. It's common to want to leave your spouse for your lover, but before you do, you should slow down and ask yourself some questions. Do you think life will still be thrilling once you settle into routine?

The Many Faces Of Infidelity
Confused about your emotions? It's a lot to unpack.
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The Many Faces Of Infidelity

Has infidelity affected your marriage? Is an affair ruining your life? "The Many Faces Of Infidelity" is a campaign that will help you overcome even the most confusing problems surrounding adulterous behavior.

Things can't be THIS bad... can they?

Media & The Myth Of Adultery

Infidelity runs rampant in Hollywood and mainstream media. Is this fear-mongering or should we really be concerned about our partner's faithfulness? A dating and relationship expert has the answer.

Should I Reveal My Best Friend's Infidelity? [VIDEO]
It's a difficult decision.

My Best Friend's Unfaithful: Should I Tell Her Husband?

Infidelity makes for all sorts of relationship challenges, but what about when the issues are your best friend's? Should you meddle in matters when your best friend is having an affair, or is it better to steer clear? Relationship expert John Gray has the answer.

Confessions of Cheating Husbands
Can these men right their wrongs?

Confessions Of Cheating Husbands

Infidelity seems to be a rampant problem for couples. With stories from real-life cheaters, our dating expert explores the phenomenon of dudes who can't commit. Is cheating more prevalent today that before, or are we merely more aware of its happening due to media saturation?

man and woman cheers
Speculating will only drive you crazy.

Adultery: What Are the Warning Signs?

If you believe infidelity is tearing apart your partnership but are too afraid to ask, there may be even bigger issues at play. Marriage and couples counselor Larry Michel gives you the courage to get to the bottom of things.

boyfriend, breakup, letter, text
It's been real.

The Most Epic F*ck You Breakup Letter Of All Time

Yesterday, a dear friend shared a story with YourTango of her discovery (through a twist of Facebook fate) that her boyfriend of nine months had been having an affair with his most recent ex the whole damn time. Post-confrontation, our friend composed an opus of a text so burningly poetic, we simply had to publish it. Behold the most epic f*ck-you breakup letter ever. (And, yes she sent it.)

Having an Affair with Your Rich Boss?

Having an Affair with Your Rich Boss?

After my older lover and boss, Mr. Brown, generously gave me his childhood home, my two daughters and I packed up and moved out of the house that we had been staying in with my soon-to-be ex-husband. My divorce would be finalized by the end of May, and I had already contacted Mr. Johansen to help with selling my marital home. Mr. Brown and I had been spending a lot of time together doing repairs around the house, and were also both spending time with my kids. It was to a point where we were almost together 24 hours a day, and I didn’t have a problem with that.

4 Ways To Build Trust After Infidelity
Asking for transparency can help you get over an affair.
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4 Ways To Build Trust After Infidelity

You can recover from infidelity. If your partner has had an affair, work together toward transparency, honesty and good communication. Be patient and look forward to a healthier life together.