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Guy Thinking About Sex
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Is Sex The Real Reason He Didn't Call Back?

I went out with a guy a few weeks ago. We had a really good time (I think?). We had a few drinks, then he drove me all the way home, even though I told him I could walk. The convo was great, we had a lot in common and I thought he was a cutie patootie. I don't want to be all annoying girl in "He's Just Not That Into You," but I really don't understand why he never called? Aren't all those things signs that he's interested?

mother and daughter

Love Advice From Mom

Since there have been mothers, they've been doling out advice to their children on what to eat, how to behave, and when that long-overdue haircut is urgently needed. When it comes to love, some mothers adopt a strict "don't ask, don't tell" policy while others find themselves privvy to all of their offsprings' relationship secrets.

real housewives new york city
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The Real Housewives Report Card: Who Gets An "A"?

The "housewife" title's a misnomer, as only three—Ramona, Jill and Alex—are actually married and Suzy Homemaker-style housewives they are not. But, Season Two of the show's been aflurry with relationship activity: the Countess divorcing, Bethenny on the prowl andevery "wife" tripping over herself for the chance to share dating tips. Here, we've created a Real Housewives report card with grades based on their own relationships and/or the love advice they dole out to others (er, Bethenny).

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Facebook Manners And You

Do you have good Facebook manners? Timmy and Alice don't. Watch to learn the dos and don'ts of breaking up via Facebook.