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Rebound Relationships: A Man's Approach

Women are the traditional consumers of self-help books, but guys need advice too. And what better way to find out what goes on inside his head than to read dating advice written by and for men? (Some might say you could ask him, but where's the fun in that?) In this spirit we bring you this piece by men's lifestyle expert, Oliver "Ali" Nejad, who fills you in on how men approach rebound relationships.

Help! My Wife Hates Sex!

Help! My Wife Hates Sex!

YourTango user T.L. asked "How do I get my wife to want better sex?" We went to America's love experts, Matt Titus and Tmasen Fadal, for their advice for T.L.'s boring sexual situation.


How To Avoid Being A Passive Girlfriend

YourTango user Lovebugg asked "How can I learn not to be passive in relationships, and not wait for the other person dictate the pace of the relationship?" We went to America's love expert, Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadal, for their advice on how to deal with this situation.

Comment of the Day 06/22

Comment of the Day 06/22

One of the best things about this site is that there are so many people willing to share advice, thoughts and ideas.Users write a blog or a question in the forums with a problem and other users read it and give advice. Recently, sophia67 wrote a blog looking for just that sort of advice. Knock3xz responded with heartfelt advice that came from her own experience: ...I strongly suggest that you learn to take control of your own life. Get counseling, get yourself a good therapist, it works wonders. I did, and just the fact I had someone to talk to who didn't judge me. And would never utter a word about what we talked about to anyone gave me believiable strength, and courage.

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Love Buzz

Would You Take Dating Advice From A Celebrity?

Jennifer Love Hewitt is the latest celebrity to offer up her opinion on "the new landscape of modern dating." After breaking off her engagement to Ross McCall and rebounding with co-star Jamie Kennedy, it seems that Jennifer, or "Love" as close pals call her, wants to make the world a better place by enlightening women everywhere on "what men really want."

How To Tell Him Your Fantasies

How To Tell Him Your Fantasies [VIDEO]

The YourTango team answers a question from Ask YourTango, where readers go to seek out advice on love and relationships. This video addresses ways that married couples can share their fantasies to add more excitement to the bedroom. While discussing your fantasies with your partner can be a bit intimidating, there are plenty of ways to help break the ice. These tips are guaranteed to increase intimacy in your relationship without it seeming forced.

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Why He Didn't Call You Back: LIVE! [VIDEO]

Author Rachel Greenwald fields questions from an audience of women looking for love in New York City.  Part five of a five-part series.  Part 1: The Number One Reason Why He Didn't Call Back Dating expert Rachel Greenwald discusses her new book, "Why He Didn't Call You Back." Part 2: Three More Reasons He Didn't Call You Back Part two of our five-part interview series with Rachel Greenwald. Part 3: How To Get Him To Call You Back Want to make sure there's a second date? Follow these tips. Part 4: The Most Outrageous Reasons He Didn't Call Back