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Why Does Breaking Up Hurt So Much? [VIDEO]

Break ups are difficult and moving on can be an even greater challenge. From the sudden lack of contact to the loss of connection, severing ties after separating from your partner can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining. Are there any scientific studies that can explain why breaking up with someone hurts so much? Are there ways to protect yourself from all of the heartache?


Single in India: So Many Paths To Love [VIDEO]

<< PREVIOUS EPISODE Liz Tuccillo, Sex and the City writer and co-author of He's Just Not That Into You, concludes that Indian women have the best of all worlds when it comes to looking for love. They can go the traditional route and seek an arranged marriage, they can date and look for a love marriage, or they can opt for total freedom and remain unmarried.

Couple exasperated over bills
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4 Ways To Avoid Fighting About Money

It's no surprise that the recession causes stress in people's lives. Pressure of any sort has a negative impact on relationships, but financial strain can cause even more of a burden between loved ones. While the recession is affecting relationships worldwide, for some reason it's having more of an impact on the marriages and relationships of American's than in other countries. Reuters reported that in a recent poll, 30 percent of Americans attested to the recession adding stress, strain, or ruining their relationship or marriage. This compared to only 23 percent of Canadians, 24 percent of French and 12 percent of Germans admitting that their relationships have hit a down cycle as the economy has done the same. While it may be interesting to dissect why Americans are suffering more than other nationalities, it seemed like a better idea to come up with tips to ensure your relationship doesn't fail because of economic woes. So here are four ways to recession-proof your marriage or relationship.


4 Dating Deal Breakers

  Got a question? Ask it now at   "I went out to dinner with this really great guy. I thought we had a good time, but he told me he thinks we're not a good fit. What gives?" -Alecia, Michigan   Got a question? Ask it now at "I went out to dinner with this really great guy. I thought we had a good time, but he told me he thinks we're not a good fit. What gives?" -Alecia, Michigan

matt and tamsen
Does size really matter?

Advice: "Help! He's Too Small"

Having a mutual sexual attraction can go a long way in a relationship. From the physical and emotional connection to the electric chemistry between you and your partner, intimacy and comfort are usually considered two of the most important aspects of dating. But what happens if you feel that he is too small?

text message flirting

Text Message Flirting For Beginners

These days, women need to be technologically savvy not only for work but for our love lives. In today's dating world, men aren't limiting themselves to calling us. Instead, we've come to expect a flirtatious text or two a few hours or days after a date. If you hit it off, you might even take it to the next level of "sexting," and exchange sexy images and texts. New to sexting or too shy to try it? Don't worry, it's easy to start, and can actually help those who may be on the more bashful side to release their inner sex goddess.

daily rituals
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Daily Rituals Make A Relationship Work

We've all seen them in the park. Those stooped over, wrinkled love birds still walking hand in hand after all these years. Sigh... What's their story? Star-crossed lovers? Perhaps—but maybe not, as studies show love may have little to do with it. What does make a marriage work, is work itself. You got it, practice makes perfect; and the best way to go about forging a strong marriage is through the establishment of daily rituals.

military marriage

How To Keep A Military Marriage Strong

Let's face it, the stories of infidelity in military marriages run rampant. And shows like Army Wives and movies like Jarhead help perpetuate the idea that military marriages are constantly plagued by infidelity. Meanwhile, the divorce rate among military couples is twice as high as in the general population. Don't let this happen to you. Here are five great tips for keeping your military marriage strong despite deployment, separation and frequent relocation

Cheating How-To: Tips From A Mistress

Cheating How-To: Tips From A Mistress

No, it's not what you think, I'm not giving you tips and techniques on how to cheat, but tips and techniques on how to catch a cheater, and how to affair-proof your marriage or relationship. Nonetheless, if you're a cheater you could probably utilize the information contained on.