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Michael Newton & Johanna Hickey are Brooklyn baristas offering themselves up for marriage.
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Weird News: Two Baristas Want $25K For Their Hands In Marriage

You can get married to a pair of Brooklyn baristas for their companionship and perfectly poured lattes. The bean-grinders, Michael Newton and Johanna Hickey, only need a cool $25K to wife or husband up any of their customers. The java-slingers have a caveat (and I'm paraphrasing): "none of that, you know, sex stuff."

"In advertising, sex sells. But only if you're selling sex." -- Jef I. Richards

Sex Sells: Spain Lifts Ban On Hooker Ads

The Spanish parliament took action over the weekend to address the country's fiscal woes, passing a bill introduced by the opposition that lifts a longstanding ban on the advertising of sexual services. Wait: Prostitution is legal in Spain?!

milk ad men PMS
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Milk: It Does The PMS Good?

Got PMS? Then send your man out for a gallon of milk. The California Milk Processor Board is targeting men in their newest ad campaign and trying to save relationships everywhere from "that time of the month".

La Senza Models Singing.
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Singing Lingerie Models Help Holiday Spirits Rise?

From the "Christmas Cheer Has Gotten Out Of Hand" Files: Canadian lingerie company La Senza introduced the Cup Size Choir just in time for the holidays this week. The choir is comprised of models showcasing bra sizes from A to G flirtatiously piping out Deck the Halls while lying on white mattresses. Is this cute or creepy?

The $3 Million Date

The $3 Million Date [VIDEO]

The LoveFeed discusses Amy Borkowsky, a single woman trying to raise $3 million for a Super Bowl personal ad. Will she raise the millions needed to promote her single self all across America? And if so, will Mr. Right be watching?