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Blake Not-So-Lively For Adrian Grenier's Affection

You gotta give Blake Lively credit where it's due: girlfriend has her eyes on the prize. While many recently single Hollywood starlets end up rebounding in the arms of A-Rod or any next boldface name that comes along, Blake seems to be dating with determination since her recent breakup with Penn Badgley.

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11 Love Lessons From Entourage

HBO's smash hit Entourage is an illustration of many things: a celeb-obsessed culture, boys-will-be-boys Peter Pan-ism, conspicuous consumption, a consequence-free hook-up atmosphere and me-too voyeurism… but it is also a few lessons to be learned. The show, loosely based on Mark Wahlberg's rise to fame in Hollywood, isn't all fast cars, fellatio and fart jokes. The bromance between Vince, Eric, Johnny Drama, Turtle and Ari provides the show's spine but romance pokes its head in there a time for two as well.