playing tennis
"Life is like a game of tennis. The player who serves well seldom loses."
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Study Says We Prefer 'Players': 29 Most Playful Dates

A new study on play and relationships has found that playfulness may be key to attracting a significant other. Among the survey participants (ages 18-26), three traits stood out as topping their lists of traits they sought in a mate: "sense of humor," "fun-loving," and "playful."

kentucky derby girl
It's almost time for the Kentucky Derby! Get your huge hats and Mint Juleps ready!
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3 Racy Kentucky Derby Inspired Dates!

With May just around the corner, we are dusting off our silk gloves and delicate hats in preparation for the Kentucky Derby. If you are like us and will not have the pleasure of watching the races live this year, fear not. There are plenty of ways to bring the rowdy Derby fun to your dating life.

Spring Fever: 3 Fun Outdoor Date Ideas
What's your ideal spring date?
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Spring Fever: 3 Fun Outdoor Date Ideas

With the scent of spring in the air, single people everywhere are starting to feel a familiar itch. No, it's not allergies — it's the itch of longing for a relationship... or at least someone to go on a hot date with.

couple spring date
It's (almost) springtime. Get outside and have fun!
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10 Best Spring Date Ideas

Spring is in the air, which means it's time to switch up your date style. Toss the fuzzy wool socks and Netflix addiction and get outside! Whether you're going on your first date or are in a long-term relationship, here are some fun date tips sure to bring pizzazz to your springtime.

happy winter couple
Don't let the winter months take a toll on your relationship.
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10 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues Together

January and February don't have the happiest reputations, as far as months go. The short days and cold nights, the post-holiday hangover, the fact that summer is such a long time away... This can all take a toll on your relationship if you're not careful. The good news: There are many fun, easy ways to inject some fun into your relationship in the winter and keep from getting bored.

holiday hearts
Express your love by cooking dinner together, going ice skating and more.
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7 Most Romantic Winter Date Ideas!

As the seasons change, so do your date options. Since the days of playful picnics or long walks on the beach are behind us, it's time to find ways to get romantic with your man when the weather outside is frightful.