Q&A: Where Does Social Media Draw the Line on PDA?

Q&A: Where Does Social Media Draw the Line on PDA?

Question from Sarah J.: I’ve been really annoyed by the amount of relationship pictures showing up on my News Feed – all I see are photos of couples kissing or cuddling! Where does social media draw the line on public displays of affection (PDA)? How much relationship sharing is too much? Answers from Our Love Experts:

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom PDA
Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are just one couple who love to show their affection!
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5 Celeb Couples Who Show The Most PDA (And We Love It!)

If you haven't already, go hug your other half – today is officially "Hug Your Sweetheart Day!" To celebrate, we're presenting you with the top five couples who can't seem to get enough of each other ... even when there are lots of other people around.

Revenge stars making out
Hey guys, jump in the pool and cool down!
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Who Are These Two TV Stars Making Out Poolside?

The two, who are dating both on the hit ABC show and in real-life, hit the pool yesterday at The Sea Lounge at the Monte Carlo Beach Club in Monaco yesterday – where they couldn't keep their hands (and lips!) off each other.

sex beach
Sex on the beach? Yes, please.
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25 Most Unusual Places To Have Sex, According To You!

Many people fantasize about having sex in unusual places, but few of us act on this fantasy for fear of getting caught or, worse, sand in our pants. In a recent poll of 1,300 people sponsored by Astroglide we asked, "What is the weirdest place you've had sex?" And boy, did we get some interesting responses.

5 Celeb Couples Who Can Control Their PDA
You can feel the love just by looking at Katie and Tom!

5 Celeb Couples Who Can Control Their PDA

Finding the right person is a thrilling experience, but keeping your hands off of one another in public is often a challenge. A new relationship is filled with flirty kisses, not-so-secretive butt grabs and romantic hand-holding. In some cases, a little PDA is cute and picture worthy. Finding the balance between over-the-top scandalous make-out sessions and a cute peck on the cheek is the key to being a favorite couple versus a hated couple.

Kiss Me! 10 Best Celebrity PDA Moments Of 2011 [PHOTOS]
Adam Levine couldn't resist her moves like Jagger!
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Kiss Me! 10 Best Celebrity PDA Moments Of 2011

There doesn't need to be a mistletoe or a New Year's Eve countdown for some couples to passionately go at it in public. Some like it for the exciting thrill, others get caught up in the moment, and some simply can't help themselves!

sex on the beach
Sex on the beach? Don't mind if we do.
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Public Sex Is As American As Apple Pie, Survey Says

Even if you have yet to do it in a public place, you've probably thought about it. Go ahead, admit it. There's no shame in trying to spice up your sex life with the threat of getting caught. There's a primal urge in all of us to do something that's both scary and mildly exciting. And the thought of being caught with your pants down is definitely a bit of both.

woman being a third wheel
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Complete This Sentence: PDA Should Be Banned From....

You know what should be banned already? Over-enthusiastic public displays of affection. Holding hands at a bus station is cute. Dry humping at a McDonald's is awkward, uncalled for, and probably unhygienic. Don't get us wrong—every couple should be OK with some degree of PDA, even just holding hands, but I can't be the only one who thinks that public displays of lust should stop at first base. And even then, it's more appropriate in a secluded park than against a subway turnstile during rush hour.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon
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The Most Affectionate Twitter Celebrity Couples

It’s obvious that many celebrities and politicians have been abusing social media lately for their own guilty pleasures. However, some celebs just use it to show their love…in more, well, appropriate ways. Essence names the cutest couples on Twitter with a slideshow of some of their most aww-worthy electronic PDA. Find out who’s tweeting pictures of their wedding rings and what couple even found love on the social networking site.

kissing statues

Don't Make Out At This Hindu Temple

In a spot of weird news, a Kathmandu Hindu temple is outlawing PDA. Evidently, courting young lovers use the temple's grounds of canoodling and the pandits think they should take it more seriously. To whit, anyone found courting will be hit with a fine that amounts to about $7. Take that, young libertines.