Two Legendary Cosmo Editors In Exclusive Q&A


Two Legendary Cosmo Editors In Exclusive Q&A
Legendary Cosmo editors Bonnie Fuller and Helen Gurley Brown with advice on sex, love and career.

She's still happy to dole out advice on how to make your life 100 percent happier, so I took your pressing questions to her. Here, the original Cosmo Girl gives YourTango users the answers!

1) QUESTION: I'm curious what advice Helen Gurley Brown would have given her 21-year-old self, career or otherwise, now that's she's older. - Chacha

ANSWER: Good things will happen if you get up every day and work at it. It's a lot of trouble to do the best you can. It's the secret of my so-called success. A lot of concentration will bring results eventually. If you aren't getting any recognition after a while, then you probably aren't doing something you could be. Work harder.

2) QUESTION: What do you think of hooking up? - BookMama

ANSWER: I think it's OK—do it!

3) QUESTION: In a world where marriages fall apart, how can I make mine stick? - MISUNDERSTOOD

ANSWER: Treat your husband like a friend. Be reasonably honest, considerate and do things with him that he enjoys doing. Be a good person to him—that's a good recipe. Be polite, kind and be careful of your husband's feelings. And you both need to be responsible for each others' health, well-being and money!

4) QUESTION: What's the best relationship advice you've ever received? - genevieve

ANSWER: Don't put up with a jerky man for too long. You need to let go and find someone who is more worthwhile. Being unhappy with a man is about as unhappy as you can get. And I know because we've all been in a situation where we're crazy about someone who is treating us badly. If you're having trouble, break it off—see a shrink. A professional person can help you see your way out of it.

5) QUESTION: What do you think of an open marriage or relationship? - nicole

ANSWER: It doesn't work: When someone isn't faithful to you, it creates jealousy and insecurity. And if you're getting married, it means you're going to devote yourself to someone—that's the point.