25 Fun Things To Do With Your Single Girl Squad This Valentine's Day

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25 Valentine's Day With Friends Ideas For The Single Ladies
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Nothing says best friends for life than loving your girls on a day meant for true love that lasts.

Just a week before Valentine's Day, I found myself sadly single. Rather than curl up and cry over my loneliness, I realized that there were quite a few of my female friends in the same situation.



I decided to celebrate the day and invited my girlfriends over for a chocolate kisses party with martinis and finger foods. All my female friends dressed up, came over and had the best time.

Too often we neglect our girlfriends whenever a guy gets into the picture. But our girlfriends are the ones who are always there when things don't work out.


Instead of forgetting who has really loved you through the good times and the bad, make the most of a single Valentine's Day and spend it with your girl squad.

Don't miss making the most of the opportunity. You've only got one life to live. So, why not celebrate our lady friendships and enjoy your own company.

Ditch the vision of being home sad and lonely on Valentine's Day. Hang out with your best friends for life and make memories that will last a lifetime.

It's good to be single.

There are lots of adventurous, creative and fun things that a girl squad can do that will make all your coupled friends a little jealous and wishing they could be footloose and fancy-free too. 


Here's a list of 25 Girl Squad Valentine's Day ideas that PROVE love isn't just for lovers. 

1. A fondue night with your girl squad is a unique way to celebrate the day. While waiting for your bite-sized pieces to be ready to eat, you can dig on the drama that you've not had a chance to share. It's so much easier than texting.



2. Nothing says, "I love my girl squad" like a 'Bestie Valentine's Day' gift exchange. Treat your girls to something they would never buy for themselves like bold nail polish or something simple like a cool pair of comfy socks.

3. Have a superhero dress up night and have a late night Netflix binge with popcorn and lots of butter is a great way to go for a super Valentine's Day with your girl squad.


4. If only one of your girlfriends are single, and just the two of you will hang out. Why not take advantage of couple massage package deals. Go all out and enjoy a mani-pedi to make it a treat you both love.

5. If Valentine's Day falls on a weekend, why not enjoy a day cruise with your girl squad clan or go camping. You can enjoy guilt-free drinks and gambling while dancing the night away with plenty of time to sleep in and recover.



6. Girls squad fun can be found in adventure. Why not be daring? Try parachute jumping and humble brag on Monday to your coworkers with pics.

7. If your girl squad likes to chill and chat, have a martini and makeover party and learn how to get that cat's eye nailed once and for all.

8. If you and your girl squad need some creativity in your life. Nothing says, Valentine's Day fun like a PaintNight party with wine. 

9. Don't like what you have in your closet? Convince your girl squad to do a Valentine's Day outfit exchange and invite all your girlfriends to bring the outfits they no longer wear and swap.

10. Go all out and host a murder mystery dinner night and give each one of your best friends a part that involves dress up. Take lots of pictures and Instagram with #GirlSquad Valentines Night.

11. Plan a weekend getaway and hang out at the indoor pool then close the night out with appetizers and a night on the town is a totally chic way to Girl Squad your Valentine's.

12. Who needs a boyfriend when you can have a Celebrity Crush night and bring all your celebrity goodness to lurk and drool over with your girl squad.

13. Has your best friend hinted that you need to try something new with your hair and make-up? Then, now is a great time for a full facial and make-up tutorial night. 

14. If love to dance and support local indie musicians, enjoy a night out and hit a concert in your city or town. Then, play groupie and ask for an autograph. 

15. Soulful girlfriends will love the idea to just grab food from wherever and head out to the beach to walk and talk. Romance doesn't have to be just for lovers!


16. Every woman loves chocolate. Why wait for someone to treat you to some truffles and chocolate covered cherries? Pull out your bartender's recipe book and host a chocolate tasting night with a variety of samples to try.

17. Nothing shows your girl squad power like a night out at the shooting range for target practice. If you've never gotten your concealed weapons license, why not do it as a group? You can also try laser tag or a paintball night!



18. Bunko! (Need I say more?)

19. If you and your girl squad love all things pink, why not have a Princess Pinata party? Stuff a tiara pinata full of candy, make-up and love notes for friends for your gal pals. Then, go for it. 

20. Your friends are the shine in your life. Why not have fun with an all-you-can-eat pancake and pajama party with your girl squad.


21. Tired of playing games with the boys? Get in touch with your inner player and learn those dance moves you got behind on with your girl squad with Just Dance and when you're tired play some Guitar Hero, sing some karaoke on the WiiU.

22. Show your support for local wine and have a get together at a local winery with a tasting party. See if the shop will give you and your girl squad a tour.


23. When was the last time you and your girlfriends tried something totally new? Gift you and your besties with a cool activity from Groupon. 

24. If your girl squad is low on group selfies, schedule vanity Valentine's Day beauty night then take new profile pics for future use.


25. There's no reason not to have a humble brag night and make a dream board for the future with a promise to hold each other accountable — then in a year, if you're still single on Valentine's Day, have a celebration party for those of you whose dreams came true.  



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