So THIS Is Why There Are So Damn Many Percy Jackson Sex Stories

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percy jackson sex stories

Maybe it's not as creepy as it seems?

I'm 33 years old and I have a cat instead of kids, so I'm not exactly up to date on what books and movies the youth (could I SOUND older?) are into these days. 

But I do know about Percy Jackson.

I don't know Percy Jackson from the books or the movies, or even from hearing kids talk about him and his adventures.

I know about him because I'm a sex writer.  

And Percy Jackson is the focus of some of dirtiest fan sex stories on the web.

Now, you might be wondering how a series of books about a pre-teen literal demigod and his adventures on Olympus could inspire thoughts of lust. 

Why, you might ask, are people on the internet so obsessed with writing their own sexy stories about characters from a kid's book?

Here's what I think:

The people reading and writing this fanfic? They are mostly teenagers. 

That means that they were probably reading Percy Jackson just as they came into their sexuality. 

They probably all learned about love and sexuality and longing from the characters in these books.

Is it any wonder that they are all now penning Percy Jackson sex stories as a next logical step in their sexual development?

I think not. 

God knows I did it. 

Granted, I did it in the age before the internet, so all of my sex stories have been relegated to the basement of my parents' house in composition books that look too boring to bother sneaking a peak. 

Thanks to the internet, our deepest, weirdest sexual fantasies will have a forever home.

I've got to say, some of the Percy Jackson sex stories out there?

They are pretty darn hot. 

I've pulled selections from 5 of them just to give you a taste of what I mean. 

And instead of seeing them as creepy (as I used to), I now understand the reason so many people fetishize the relationships in these books.

And they are kind of hot...


1. Seeking Happiness

Percy’s hand cupped my cheek and our eyes met. A clash of stormy grey and sea green. This was really about to happen.

He bent down and pressed his lips to mine. First gently but as the passion grew, the more harder it got. The door closed behind me and he pushed me against it.

He stopped breathing heavy he put his forehead on mine as his hands with the softest touch lifted my shirt above my head. He kissed me as his fingers found the hook of my bra. As my bra fell to floor he picked me up started to kiss my neck. I wrapped my legs around his waste and wove my fingers into his hair.

He spun around and gently placed me onto the bed. He kissed so lightly I almost didn’t feel it. He started at my breasts and slowly went down, down, down.

I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up as a chill went down my spine. When he got to my shorts he used his teeth the pull them off.

I silently thanked the gods I had shaved this morning, along with the fact i had no clean underwear so I had to go without today. That made it a lot easier for Percy. When he had successfully gotten my shorts off he gave me that smile again then it happened.

I didn’t even know how he knew how to do all this, I’m assuming porn because I’ve been right next to him for years, I would have known if he had been having sex. He stopped and came back up to look at me. “Are you ready?"

I blushed and took a deep breath, “yes, I’m ready." “You sure?" I didn’t even hesitate, “Yes." He nodded then he did it. 


2. Thalia's Blackmail 


"I got it all on tape. And you better do as I say or it goes viral." Thalia said. "I thought you two would do it sometime soon. And I caught you both naked in the woods." She laughed.

"What do you want?" Annabeth said holding Percy's hand. "I wanna join." Thalia said.

"No! I will only have sex with my girlfriend! Not some psycho girl!" Percy yelled.

"We can go the easy way or the hard way, and you picked the hard way." Thalia said, laughing evilly.

She pulled out a roll of duck tape and duck taped Percy to a log next to Annabeth. Then she did the same to Annabeth. Then she sat down on Percy and pulled off her shirt revealing her bra.

She took it off and put it on Annabeth.

"Ewwwww! I don't want to wear your nasty bra!" Annabeth screamed.

"Just wait!" Thalia said.

She took off her skirt and lacy undies.

"Oh no. Please don't do it!" Annabeth wailed.

Thalia put the underwear on Annabeth too. "Oh, ewwwwww! Please! They're wet!" She sobbed.

"Not until I'm done with Percy!" She laughed. She put his dick in her vagina and kissed him hard. She forced her boob into his mouth and put his hands on her butt.

"Squeeze it Jackson." She said in his face. "No! I won't do it!" Percy said. " Percy! The video!" Annabeth reminded him. He squeezed her ass. "That's better. Now kiss it. Kiss it hard." Thalia said. Percy winced and kissed her butt cheeks one at a time.

Annabeth frowned. She saw his dick still in her vagina. Thalia sucked on Percy's dick and rubbed her vagina in his face. She pressed her ass hole into his mouth and said "Lick it Jackson." He hesitated for a second and then licked her ass hole.

"You've done good Jackson. But I'm not done with you yet. I got this on tape too. And I'm gonna get this on tape as well.

She shifted over to Annabeth and kissed her on the lips. "Ew, I'm not gay, Thalia!" Annabeth screamed.

"Don't care." She smirked.

She continued kissing and then pressed her vagina on Annabeth's. "You like this? Huh? You want more?" Thalia taunted.

"No! Ew, Thalia this is gross!" Annabeth cried. Thalia laughed and shoved her vagina into her mouth. "Make out with it Annabeth!" Thalia said.

"Remember the video." She said. Annabeth sucked, and licked, and kissed until Thalia got up, but her clothes on and said "Tomorrow, you both meet me at the lake behind the Athena cabin at midnight sharp." Thalia said.

She licked Percy's ass once more and kissed Annabeth's vagina then lips and tore off the duck tape. She dropped their clothes in a puddle and stomped on them. Then she walked away.

" I feel so dirty." Annabeth said.

She tore off Thalia's undies and bra and put on her clothes. So did Percy. "I love you Annabeth. No one can replace you. But we gotta get a hold of that video of us having sex." Percy said.

They walked back to the cabin hand in hand, feeling different than before.


3. Percy's Sex Slaves


Percy walked inside Artemis tent to find his daughter of Zeus slave, naked, sitting on top of the goddess of the moon. Who was looking very nice Percy noticed.

"I did just like you asked master. She's powerless now." Thalia said as she still help down the weak deity.

"Thank you thals" he said as he kissed her on the cheek. "You can get off her now"

Thalia got off her former master. The second she was off Artemis tried to keep up and run. Unfortunately for her Percy grabbed her and easily pushed her back down on the bed before snapping his fingers making ropes appear out of nowhere and tie onto her arms and legs to bind her to the be.

"Ah! What do you want!?" Artemis yelled out.

"To have you serve me. To have sex with a Virgin goddess. That's truly a treat." He said as he grabbed one of her boobs and squeezed.

"You want to have sex with me?!" Artemis said not believing that's what this was about.

"Yes. And once I cum inside you then you will be bound to me. Bound to serve me. And after you it'll be your hunters."

"My hunters? You can't do th-" she was cut off as Percy had taken off his shirt and shoved it in her mouth to gag her.

She struggled against the ropes as he willed her clothes to disappear so he could see her naked form. He had the powers of a god practically. Once he claimed and drained her he would be one.

Percy took off the rest of his clothes till he was nude. He then got up on the bed and put a hand over her pussy. Running one finger between the lips. She tried to pull away but with the ropes she couldn't as Percy rubbed it up and down her cunt. She did all she could to not let her hormones take over and get aroused.

"You're not very wet right now. Let me fix that."

Percy cupped his hand over her pussy and using his son of Poseidon powers forced her to get wet against her will. She thrusted her hips in the air as she felt the power work and pleasure go through her. When he pulled his hand away her pussy it was soaking wet. Glistening in the light.

"Thalia why don't you get on her face. Hump her till you squirt on her face."


4. Sexual Education with Jason and Reyna

A shy girl raised her hand.“Praetor Grace, what's an or-gas-m?”

Jason cast a terrified look at Reyna, who nodded in encouragement.

Jason kneeled so he was eye level with the girl. “That's a great question. An orgasm is a point during sex where you climax. Does anyone have any other question?”

“How do you make a girl cum?” a boy asked.

Jason expression was horrified. “Tony, that's not appropriate.”

“Isn't this a class about sex?”

“I meant for your age!”

Reyna concluded that Jason was really an innocent grandma trapped in a fifteen-year-old boy's body.

Tony just rolled his eyes.

A frizzy haired girl raised her hand. “What is porn?”

“I think that's enough for today, class. Remember to ask for consent and stay safe.” Reyna said quickly.


5. Percy Jackson and the War God 


Once more I was drawn into conversation my eyes animated again cards flying.

But as conversation continued I noticed his eyes travel down to my little problem.

I felt my heart thumping wildly, I couldn't move I was so embarrassed.

But then I saw a smirk cross his face.

“you know I could help you with that.” he teased.

I blushed a deeper shade of red.

Standing with a sigh Ares started walking away but stopped and whispers “if you decide you want my help, feel free to drop into the guest room to see me anytime and I’ll be all to happy to help.”

I groan inwardly before realizing that I did have a problem and if he had the solution then it would be wise to talk to him.

Blushing harder I appeared in Ares’s room and looked nervously into the man's face.

“did you decide to take me up on my offer?” he asked softly.

Still looking him in the face I nodded in answer.

“Then come here, and lock the door.” Ares instructed.

I heard the click of the latch and stood before him even more nervous.

Ares licked his lips “do you agree to accept whatever I do in order to fix it?”

“Yes, sir.” I respond trying to sound sure.

Ares reached forward and used his power to make my clothes vanish so that I stood bare before him.

I trembled in embarrassment as Ares looked at me with a hunger that was akin to a starving lion facing a weak gazelle.

“you have no idea how long I’ve waited for this moment Perseus Jackson.” he whispers.

We kissed long and hard and my vision went blank…

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