Taking A Chance On Me Will Be The BEST Decision You Ever Make

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Taking Chance on Me Will Be The Best Decision You Ever Make

I'm not interested in weakening your shine to merge with mine.

I know that's a tall order. I don't even know how we're going to turn out; we might not even make it in the long run. So how could I possibly know the scope of the role I'm going to play in your life if you let me in? I don't. But I can promise you you won't regret your time with me.

I don't want to hijack your life. I have no interest in attempting to change you into someone else. I wasted too much time being disappointed in partners who hated themselves and weren't willing to make themselves the type of person they dreamed of.

What I see in you is already amazing and I just want to be your support unit. I want to remind you of your greatness when you forget and give you space to find your own path while I walk beside you. I want you to feel as wonderful about yourself as I do.


I'm not going to plant myself up your butt, though. I have my own life going on, so I'm not going to start living vicariously through you. All I want, truly, is to journey together for a while — not sacrifice one of our storylines in favor of the others. I have a passion for living my life, seeking out my joy and slurping up new experiences like I'm at a buffet; deviating from that would make me miserable.

We won't be each other's crutch or “other half”; we'll be partners and lovers in a team of two. You won't lose yourself in our time together because I'm not interested in weakening your shine to merge with mine.

I hate the idea of creating a live-in servant out of you who does my bidding or bows to my every whim, and I don't care if you don't love doing all the things I love doing and don't want to spend every waking minute with me. Expecting one person to fulfill all my personal needs is ridiculous and counterproductive to a relationship.

Just as you won't receive a truncated, co-dependent version of me, I don't want that from you.


With me, your energy will become stronger, your confidence will find steady footing, and you will be more comfortable in your skin than you've ever felt. I can promise you I will never be one of your obstacles or opponents.

Choose to put me in your corner and you're making an investment in yourself that Future You will appreciate. This I can promise from the start, no matter how long our paths run parallel.



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