Kim Kardashian Reveals The Secrets To Her Successful Marriage

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Watch what she says in this exclusive interview with Bravo's Andy Cohen.

Kim Kardashian-West opened up to Bravo’s Andy Cohen this week about the "man behind the woman," Kanye West, and how he helped her become happier and stronger than ever.

YourTango had access to the exclusive AdWeek event, and you know what we found out? (Well, besides that Kim Kardashian-West is freakin’ awesome.) We learned that her marriage to Kanye is truly an example of two people lifting each other up.

"My husband has definitely taught me just to be my most authentic self. And not care what other people think," Kim said when asked what the best advice Kanye has even given her. 

When asked what the best advice she's given Kanye, the answer wasn't really "advice" but something much more important.

"He's become such a great family man. And it's not anything I could have said to him but I think I gave to him," Kim said.

And overall, she said things have worked out so well for the couple because they "met in the middle."

When asked what her last text to Kanye was, Kim revealed that asked him which shoes she should bring to Paris for a particular dress. Kanye had the BEST response, which you can hear in the full video below!

Amazing, right? This one woman who really has it all together — and exudes confidence while she does it.

Here's more great advice from Kim's interview ... 
1. Don't worry what people say. 


"I was a people-pleaser before and just do what makes you happy and don't have any excuses for it," Kim said in the interview.

What great advice! Never change who you are for anyone. Do what your heart tells you and live the life YOU want to lead!


2. Don't let the haters win.


Andy Cohen asked Kim Kardashian if she now has a thick skin: "I do. Absolutely. I used to look at everything and anything and have Google alerts and just get so upset and go home and cry."

Don't let other people's words hurt you. You do YOU, and everything will fall into place. (In the interview, she specifically discussed critics of her naked photos, saying she's posted so many already and is totally OK with sharing nude images of her body.)


3. Be kind and teach kindness.  


"There's nothing that anybody can say that would even rattle me," she told Andy.

Knowing how it feels to be on the receiving end of harsh words, you should always remember that and try to show kindness. It helps to teach the kids that, too!


Special thanks to Shelley Zalis of The Girls' Lounge for organizing the star-studded night celebrating female friendship and collaboration.