12 Times Jon Snow Was A Damn Westeros Hero

Jon Snow Game of Thrones

R.I.P. Jon Snow

Jon Snow was a god damn Westeros hero and because George R.R. Martin and the writers of Game of Thrones loves to torture its viewers by killing off everyone we love, last night on the season 5 finale we lost one of the best characters in the show’s history. If we sound angry, it’s just because we are still very emotional over his end scene last night. If you didn’t read the books, you were just watching as this little jerk lured him out just so his brothers of the Night’s Watch could each take turns stabbing him in the stomach because their freaking monsters. Finally, Jon Snow’s own protégé got in the final stab that brought him to his demise. It’s a serious lesson in why no one should piss off their interns. 

So, for the record, Jon Snow commands the Night’s Watch and he decided to make peace with the Wildlings, who are sworn enemies of the Night’s Watch. He attempts to make peace because there are white walkers (ice zombies) who are literally going to kill every single person. So, in an attempt to save the whole damn world, he went against everyone in hopes of creating an army to fight together. However, no one, but Jon understands the fact that there are 10,000 zombies and they can only be killed with a certain type of sword or dragonstone. Basically, everyone is dumb and now they are all going to die without Jon Snow. 

On that note, let’s take a moment to relive all of Jon Snow's greatest moments over the last five seasons.

That time he gave his little sister the sword that changed her life forever.
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When Catelyn treated him like shit for being a bastard, yet he rose above it.
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He selflessly joined the Night’s Watch, giving up everyone else for the brotherhood.
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He saved Sam from being tormented by all the other brothers for being fat.
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When he helped Sam save Gilly and her baby from being killed.
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That time he gave in and went down on Ygritte in a cave.
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And then couldn't stop staring at her ass.
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Then, when the Wildlings are trying to take over the castle, he can’t bear to kill her because he’s too in love with her.
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He put Mance Rayder out of his misery when he was being burned alive.
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That time he beat out Alliser Thorne for Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.
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When Jon Snow destroyed that White Walker with Longclaw.
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Finally, even when they were all betraying him, he took it like a hero.
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