She Said What?! Did Lena Dunham's Joke Go Too Far?


This funny girl is no stranger to controversy.

If you were one of the people tuning in to Saturday Night Live to watch 'It' girl Lena Dunham host, you're most likely well acquainted with her outspoken personality. However, last night, the critically acclaimed actress may have gotten a bit too comfortable and took her sarcastic nature to another level by making a crude sex joke on Twitter.

As much as we're obsessed with Lena Dunham and her take no prisoners attitude, we're divided on which side of the fence to stand behind. Check out the awkward (or funny if dark humor is your thing) joke that sent her Twitter followers on a rage.

See the joke on Fox News Entertainment: Lena Dunham Makes Molestation Joke, Apologizes And Says...

This article was originally published at Fox News Entertainment. Reprinted with permission from the author.

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