Who Was Just Named The "Most Desirable" Woman Of 2014?


Who won readers' hearts (and votes) this year?

JLaw, Kim Kardashian, and Scarlett!

AskMen.com scoured the globe to compile a list of the world's most desirable women ... and the results are in!

In the runner-up position lives Mad Men's Alison Brie. "There's something about Alison Brie that attracts men like moths to a flame," the site writes. "It has to do with a rare-in-Hollywood combination of her smoldering good looks, comedic goofiness and down-to-earth attitude."

So who beat Alison for the Most Desirable crown? Hint: It's not just good looks these guys are after: They want women with brains, beauty, and business sense. SEE WHO RANKS #1: AskMen's 99 Most Desirable Women 


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