Va-Va-Voom! The Hottest Bodies In Hollywood


Sexy comes in all shapes and sizes!

The pressure to be thin can sometimes feel overwhelming and nowhere are the stakes higher than in Hollywood. With the paps following their every move and magazines drooling over their every imperfection, many celebs struggle to not only look fantastic, but to maintain a healthy weight as well.

Many, like Christina Hendricks and Sofia Vergara, nail it with their curvy figures and messages of self-love. Others (Tara Reid, anyone?) just can't take the heat, while others still (think Ivana Trump) refuse to leave their skinnier glory days behind them. Whatever the case, there's no question staying fit and trim in Tinseltown is a feat and we gotta respect anyone who tries to rise to the challenge.

See the slideshow of celebrities who embrace (or deny) their figures over at Radar Online: 31 Extreme Hollywood Bodies


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