10 Super Trendy Makeup Ideas You Can Actually Pull Off


Your signature style isn't complete without a final beauty statement to seal the deal.

You probably wear your makeup a certain way based on what you've learned about your face, skin and style over the years. You might know that a certain shade of blush brings out your eye color, or that a specific shade of lipstick gets you just the right amount of attention. Here at YourTango, we encourage you to shake up those notions with what we call beauty statements, little tweaks that encompass three things: simple, chic and (most importantly) wearable. By making a bold beauty statement, you can take what you've learned about your makeup habits to the next level, making your morning routine not only easy to pull off but also show off your best assets.

Your beauty regimen is just as important as your style. So how do you choose the best beauty statement that fits you? First, find what makes your style unique. It could be anything, from your eyeliner color to the way you color your lips. Second, take stock of your strengths. Beauty statements are all about playing to where you're most confident, celebrating what you love most about yourself. Both have to be carefully cultivated to bring out how truly exceptional you are. Finally, experiment with everything...and we mean EVERYTHING! This way you'll find surprises and strengths where you never knew they existed.

To inspire you even more, we've compiled ten statement-making ideas that are super simple for you to start. We've included the tools and inspiration you need, all you have to do is pick your poison and practice, practice, practice!

Ready to celebrate?

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