18 Reasons 'Sherlock' Needs To Come Back Immediately


Because Benedict Cumberbatch is perfection.

*Warning: season 3 spoilers in this article, so we suggest you leave now, or quickly catch up.

It may have only been six months since we've last seen Sherlock, but not having a season 4 premiere date yet has been beyond painful. Seriously, they end it with the biggest cliffhanger, WTF moment ever and then we hear they may not be back till 2016? We can't even handle that type of news. We get it Steven Moffat, you are busy winning Emmys and writing Doctor Who, but can you just stop and work on Sherlock already?

On Monday, Sherlock took home three Emmys, which surprised most people, but not us, because we're obsessed with the show. In fact, it's actually the best show on television and as fans of a three-episode season, we suffer the most withdrawals of any fans. Basically what we're trying to say here is that this is an open letter to Steven Moffat begging him to give us a date for season four. We need Sherlock, Watson, Mycroft, Molly and especially Mrs. Hudson back in our lives again. There are only nine episodes we get to binge watch and it's just not enough.

Here are 18 reasons Sherlock really needs to come back immediately:

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