15 Awesome Facts Every 'True Detective' Fan Should Know


We miss Marty and Cohle!

Everyone was expecting True Detective to win big at the Emmys, but unfortunately, only one major thing was revealed at the show. Who knew that True Detective director Cary Joji Fukunaga was such a babe? We didn't, and even though we are still emotional about Breaking Bad stealing True Detective's thunder, we are happy that it at least won something. Although, we still stand by that Matthew should've taken home the Best Actor. 

If you haven't watched the HBO show yet, it centers around two detectives who are brought together 17 years after their fallout to be questioned about a murder case they worked on in the late 90s. The story is told in flashbacks and it's basically brilliant. Production on season 2 is rumored to begin in September, but we still have no idea who the lead actors are in the show. All we know is that next season takes place in California, but not Los Angeles. We also know that this season will feature a strong female lead unlike season 1. Whatever happens, we are just anxiously awaiting the return. Until then we are holding you over with 15 awesome facts you may not know about the show.

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