10 Things Miley Cyrus Can Do Now That She's Retired Twerking


Miley Cyrus said she retired twerking. Here's what she can do instead to pass the time.

Remember last year at the VMAs when Miley Cyrus went up on stage and acted a fool, and she claimed that what she was doing was called twerking? And we were all like "No, that wasn't twerking. I'm not sure what twerking is, but that definitely wasn't it." And then MTV tried to act like it was a really popular thing and everyone was kind of uncomfortable and confused?

Well, good news: That's never going to happen again! Miley announced during last night's VMA preshow that she's retiring from twerking! Or at least, that thing that she does that she considers twerking. Her new music is going to go for a new sound, one that twerking doesn't really fit with. Or at least, that thing that she does that she thinks is twerking, but no, it's not twerking, please stop calling it that.

Well, now that Miley's moving on, we all have one question: What is she going to do now that she's not going to twerk anymore? Not that she ever really did twerk, but you get what I mean. Here are a couple of different things she can claim to do next, but really just go up on stage and be super awkward and clumsy instead.