Shake It Off, Mimi: 10 Men Mariah Carey Should Date Next


Mariah Carey might be single soon. Who should Mimi date next?

Mariah Carey and her second husband Nick Cannon are living separate lives after six years of marriage and Dem Babies. While Carey has remain tight-lipped about the marital woes, Cannon has confirmed that he and his wife are living apart and that there is trouble in paradise. He did say that their first priority remains their twins, who just turned 3 on April 30, which is the Carey x Cannon wedding anniversary. Crazy, right?

While Carey and Cannon seemed to compliment one another —her glamazon divaness was balanced out by his childlike humor— we can't help but wonder if the end is nigh for this marriage. Perhaps Mimi and Nick will be able to work things out, fix their union and find their way back to the happiness that they both deserve. Or maybe they won't and will eventually part ways.

If the latter is the case, well, that would mean Mimi would be back on the market after a long absence. She is a total catch.

Gorgeous? Yep. Talented? Beyond. A strong woman? Absolutely. Any man with a brain (and a pulse) would be wise to pursue Mimi. She is all woman and wonderful, and she is a diva of the highest order, so it would take a special kind of man to be able to handle her, to satisfy her and to be her equal.

Here are 10 handsome hunks that Mariah Carey could or even should date next.

Nothing but the best for Mimi.

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