23 Proud Celebrity Potheads


Here's a collection of Miley Cyrus' fellow celebrity potheads!

Remember that episode of South Park where they introduced the character Towelie, and walking, talking towel that loves to get high? Apparently Miley Cyrus missed the end of the episode where the character was dubbed "the worst character ever" because she's been emulating Towelie for the last few years. The only difference between Towelie and Miley is that Towelie is a towel and is probably clean, and Miley is not clean. She's the exact opposite of clean, and I mean that in a literal sense—have you seen her tongue?

Miley recently posted photos to her Instagram account showing off a new homemade bong. It's big, colorful, and complicated looking, and she's super impressed with herself for making it. A few things: first, Miley, you're rich, so you can buy stuff, it's not an accomplishment that you put beads on a five-foot bong. Second, nobody is impressed that you smoke pot. It's also not an accomplishment.

She's not the only celebrity pothead other there. There are plenty of celebs that love to get high and aren't shy about it. Here's a collection of Miley's fellow celebrity potheads!

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