14 Of The Weirdest Celebrity Baby Names Ever


Check out the weirdest celebrity baby names ever!

Christina Aguilera just gave birth to a baby girl, so congratulations are in order. Except for the actual baby. Normally, being born to a famous, super rich family would be great news, but no so for this child. Christina Aguilera is a celebrity, so that means that she has to give her kid a ridiculous name.

She named her daughter Summer Rain. Which is pretty, but also weird and short sighted. When you name your kid, you have to think about how they might get made fun of for it. Its going to be super easy for other kids to make fun of this kid. They could be like "Hey, turns out Summer ain't so hot" or "Looks like a cold Summer" or "Hey, your name is stupid." And the thing is, compared to other stars, Aguilera's name for her little diva isn't even close to being as bad as the rest.

Summer won't be lonely. She'll be joining a club full of celebrity babies with dumb names. I know that its cool to give your kid a unique name, but not it's actually not cool. It's a kid, not a puppy. Eventually, its going to grow up to be an adult filling out job applications and having to write whatever stupid thing you gave them as a name and feeling nothing but sadness. Check out the weirdest celebrity baby names ever!

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