15 Hot Hollywood Homewreckers


These hot stars all wrecked some homes.

Actress Leven Ramblin and actor Jim Parrack recently announced their engagement. According to People, Parrack recently popped the question to The Hunger Games starlet. Parrack is known for his role on the hit tv show True Blood. Everyone wishes the couple the best of luck.

Well, not everyone. Parrack's ex-wife probably isn't wishing them the best of luck, or even just decent luck. That's because when you look at the timing of the whole thing, it seems pretty fishy: Parrack and Rambin started dating immediately after Parrack officially divorced his wife, whom he'd been married to for six years. One can probably imagine that she doesn't have warm thoughts for the couple, because his ex-wife is not the late Mother Teresa.

This situation isn't that uncommon in Hollywood (or anywhere else, for that matter). Actors and other celebrities work long hours together, and often end up hooking up with their costars, even if they're already spoken for. (To be fair, it's hard to be a "homewrecker" unless someone within that home is willing to cheat on his or her partner!) Basically, if you have a home, watch out because some celebrity is going to come along and wreck it. Here are 15 celebs who have already done it!

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