7 Classic Cartoons We Wish Would Be Made Into Movies


The new 'TMNT' flick got us nostalgic. Here are more cartoons that need to be on the big screen!

Last week saw the release of Michael Bay's versions of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and it made a lot of money. It also got some pretty bad reviews too. So, it may or may not be good. In the eyes of Hollywood, though, it was absolutely successful.

Since Hollywood likes to repeat successes, a sequel has already been announced. That's obvious. But we think Hollywood should think broader. Ninja Turtles' success shows that popular cartoons can also become popular movies. Ninja Turtles isn't even the first example of this (nor were the previous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle flicks that purists love).

Hollywood has been taking old cartoons and giving them the live action, big screen treatment for a while now. They've done it with The Smurfs, GI Joe, Transformers, The Flintstones and many others. Instead of just focusing on comic book movies, Hollywood should look to classic cartoons for inspiration. There are plenty of other cartoons that haven't been done yet that would make great movies. Here are seven of them!

1. Batman Beyond
This cartoon about the future version of Batman was amazing. It had an awesome look, great music and a generally badass vibe. Imagine what Hollywood could do with a live action version of this Batman! And the best part about him is that he talks in a regular voice, and not an angry unintelligible growl. (We're looking at you, Christian Bale.)

Batman Beyond

2. DuckTales
Scrooge McDuck is an eccentric millionaire. Or billionaire, its hard to tell. I'm not even sure he knows how much he even has. Instead of investing his money, he keeps the majority of it in coin form in a building sized vault. Imagine letting Michael Bay adapting this cartoon? That vault wouldn't last two seconds before getting blown up.


3. He-Man
There was already one live action movie of this series, but it took place on Earth and He-Man was barely in it. Its time to give it a redo. Have the movie take place in Eternia and have it actually star He-Man this time around. That should be obvious. (Also, my girlfriend who's editing this recommends Chris Hemsworth for this role.)


4. The Jetsons
There have been live action versions of The Flintstones, Garfield, The Smurfs, and even Marmaduke, but there's never been a Jetsons movie? How did this happen? Somebody in Hollywood needs to be fired over this. And it's not Kanye West, who's been trying to develop one of these for years.

The Jetsons

5. Pinky And The Brain
One is a genius, the other's insane. The story of two mice, one of which is trying to take over the world, should be brought to the big screen immediately. How can a mouse take over the world? Let's give this a duo a movie and find out.

Pinky and the Brain

6. Pokemon
How has this not happened yet? Pokemon was both a huge cartoon and video game series. The story is all about training monster like creatures to fight each other. It could be like Godzilla, only with more monsters and less standing around staring at the destruction.


7. Ahhh! Real Monsters
This movie's gotta get made. Nicktoons were awesome, and they all had a unique look. Ahhh! Real Monsters is the only cartoon where its unique look would actually benefit it in a live action setting—can't you see Tim Burton making this a reality? The cartoon was weird, gross, and incredibly entertaining. Just don't forget the boogers, because this series was meant to be gross.

Ahhh! Real Monsters

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