Swoon! 10 'Bachelor' And 'Bachelorette' Love Stories


Proof that reality TV might be kind of real.

Move over Patti Stanger, Chris Harrison could give your matchmaking skills a run for your money! Kind of. Okay, not really. He just kind of sits there and asks people how they're feeling about the situation (easiest job ever).

Last week we covered the shortest relationships that have come out of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette reality shows. Now it's time to see who has lasted the longest and learn who is still together as of this moment (I mean, Nikki has to leave Juan Pablo soon, right?). We all have our favorite Bachelor couples, but even some of these longer relationships ultimately ended in disaster.

Even though we have Bachelor In Paradise to keep us busy (and thoroughly entertained), we are impatiently awaiting Chris Soules to take his rightful place on The Bachelor throne. (Come on, stop acting like you don't want to see the hot farmer getting with all the girls who want to be whisked off to Iowa. Womp. Womp). To hold you over until the new season begins, we've made a list of the couples that matchmaker Chris Harrison can actually kind of gloat about. Here are 10 couples that we guess you could call reality show success stories.

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