25 Awesome Facts You Didn’t Know About ‘The Lord Of The Rings’


It’s time to nerd out with some ‘LOTR' trivia.

Yes, the Lord Of The Rings films are very long movies, but if you haven't sat down to watch them yet, you should and soon because it's important to be on top of your pop culture knowledge. Plus, the series is freaking intense and amazing. It's quite literally the definition of a masterpiece.

Every time we watch The Lord of The Rings we always wonder, "Why didn't the eagles just fly them into Mount Doom to begin with?" Besides the fact that the eye would probably see them, one reddit user came up with the best fan theory ever this week. To sum it up, Gandalf's plan all along was to use the birds to fly them into Mordor. When he escapes Saruman's tower, he goes and tells the eagles of the plan. His plan is to bring the ring to them, where they can then fly the ring over. Well, then Gandalf goes and fights the Balrog and (spoiler alert) dies (ish?), but before he lets go of the cliff he yells, "Fly, you fools!" He is literally telling them to go to the eagles and fly. Mind blown, right?

In honor of that brilliant fan, we've discovered 25 facts about LOTR that we never knew existed until today.

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