17 Celebs Who Look Like Disney Princesses Come To Life


These stars are essentially living, breathing Disney princesses—but not for the reasons you'd think.

Emma Watson being cast as Belle in Beauty And The Beast got us thinking: Disney princesses get a pretty bad rap. Sure, they often have impossible bodily proportions, weird patriarchal relationships and until recently married at 16 and essentially viewed every living matriarchal figure in any given kingdom as wicked, evil and selfish. (Thankfully, modern flicks like Brave and Frozen have made huge feminist strides in Disney princess films.)

But still, you love them, right?

Similarly, celebrities often set pretty impossible ideal for the rest of us: Perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect bodies, pretty much living in castles — they lead a royal life. But just like Disney princesses, sometimes celebrities have their own mishaps, as well as their own unique traits (you'd never really mix up Cinderella with Princess Jasmine, would you?) that make them special and endearing in their own ways.

And some celebrities are basically Disney princesses who came to life. We've rounded up 17 stars who might as well have been born to rule the Magic Kingdom, because their real lives mirror the very fairy tales with which they, and the rest of us, grew up. But before you mutter, "Some broads have all the luck," know that not all of them are princess-like for the best reasons. (And to those of you who want to get technical: No, Wendy, Tinkerbell, Esmeralda and Alice aren't official Disney princesses, but they're close enough.)

Oh, and as far as the Emma Watson as Belle thing goes? We totally called that a while ago. She is absolutely perfect for this role!

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