7 Celeb Couples That Style Sync Like Pros


There are so many great benefits to a couple's style-sync - here's seven!

Some people think it's a serious faux pas to dress like their significant other, but the truth is couples that sync their style probably have more fun. Think about it: you can go shopping together, wear complimenting colors on special outings, and even wear a matching accessory or two, like a cool gender neutral necklace or scarf.

There's also another benefit to the style-sync – you'll be more in tune with each other than ever before. You'll even start noticing it in places where it can sometimes count the most – the bedroom! Suddenly an all day Bloomingdale's shopping trip together somehow sounds even more rewarding, doesn't it?

Your styles don’t have to match exactly, of course. While identical looks can be cute, we don’t want to encourage utilitarian lovers’ uniforms! You have to be able to express yourself in your own way while complimenting the one you love. Inspiration from each other will take you a long way.

Whether it's intentional (read: conscious) or not, a style-sync is a show of force and a celebration of your connection, with a serious no-cares-given sense of fun. To prove it, here are six couples deep in their style-sync game to inspire you.

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