How To Rock A Stylish Mommy Uniform


Throw out the velour track suits, ladies! Here's a whole new look to help you stay modern and comfy!

When we enter parenthood, sleep definitely goes out the window, and sometimes (unfortunately) so does our focus on fashion. Sleep deprivation makes you care a heck of a lot less about what you’re wearing, and how you’re wearing it. A successful day in the life of a new mommy rests upon whether or not teeth have been brushed and enough water has been guzzled. Pajamas usually become a staple in the new wardrobe and a scrunchy becomes a necessity instead of the enemy. To help other new moms combat lackluster style habits, we’ve come up with some easy fashion fixes. (Sorry, we still haven't figured out how to get more sleep). Included on the list are simple items with a punch of color, multiple uses, and (the best part) you can buy them all with a click of a mouse! You're welcome!

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