The 13 Quickest 'Bachelor' And 'Bachelorette' Breakups Ever


Sorry, not everyone can be as perfect as Trista and Ryan Sutter!

Between Bachelor in Paradise and the crazy Nick Viall confessions during The Bachelorette after show, we seriously cannot get enough of The Bachelor in our lives. Will Andi and Josh make it to the wedding? How about Marcus and Lacy? Damn you Chris Harrison for making us tune in to so many shows, we can't even keep track of all the drama.

One thing we do know for sure though is that Juan Pablo and Nikki are still together according to People Magazine. We thought it would be over by now and it's probably because of their appearances on shows like Couples Therapy. Maybe they are just glorified famewhores and that's the only show that would take them? Or maybe they are actually in love? Whatever the case, JP and Nikki are still together, but these 13 couples are so totally dunzo — and it happened very quickly after their seasons aired.

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