Stars Who Swing Both Ways: 17 Bisexual Celebrities


These stars swing both ways.

Nobody wants to hear Larry King talk about sex, but he keeps on doing it, because, well, sex sells and he needs the ratings. Things got uncomfortable when he sat down with True Blood star Anna Paquin and he brought up her bisexuality. Since she's currently married to a man (her True Blood vampire co-star Stephen Moyer), King referred to her as a "non-practicing bisexual," which, you know, makes no sense. Paquin patiently informed King that bisexuality isn’t something that goes away, and tried to explain to him how it works, basically telling him he doesn't stop being attracted to women in general just because he's a straight married guy. Things got super uncomfortable, mostly because Larry King is the oldest man ever and he's talking about sex, something he probably hasn't had without the help of medications in a really long time. Since it seems like Larry King doesn't really have a clue about how bisexuality works, and we don't want to explain it to him (because who has that kind of time?), here are 17 celebrities that could break it down easily him, because they're bisexual and have functioning brains. The latter is more than can be said for Mr. King, but what do you expect? He’s on a cable news network.

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