Daily Dose Of Cute: Adorable Babies And Their Animals BFFs


Prepare to have your heart melt.

There is no more perfect, pure love than that between a child and an animal. The children are still innocent, and animals are capable of incredible unconditional love. There is no better combination of buddies.

For years we have been blown away with their ability to love each other without the basic forms of communication. They simply understand each other. We might be able to get some tips from these adorable animals and their baby comrades. They stick together through spilled milk, runaway squirrels and their innate differences.

Babies are very innocent. They don't give off any kind of hostility or intimidation towards animals, or anything for that matter. Your pets can sense that about them. Therefore, their protective instincts kick in to guard and protect.

We see it all the time in other animals. A dog will watch after a bunch of baby ducks. They have a protective instinct for their young and apparently other young species as well. That is why babies are such easy targets for protection. The pet notices that their adult masters covet this strange little infant. So they in turn take the same responsibilities of protection that parents do.

This may take a while to achieve considering your dog may have been the first of your so called "children" and therefore the most spoiled. You may even see some rivalry that is so often common with siblings. Only this time it’s between your pet and your baby.

So if you want to replicate your own precious moments, get your baby a dog or get your dog a baby. Whatever works for you. They are both family.

Here, we've rounded up our favorite photos from an adorable imgur post (see full album at Imgur). Both playful and protective, these companions will have you eager for a friendship this strong and adorable.

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