11 Sexiest Golden Globes Looks You Need To Steal For Date Night


The red carpet is always full of sultry trends that you'd be silly not to try yourself!

If you're not a football fan, your TV is surely tuned in to the Golden Globes red carpet coverage every winter. There are typically as many highlights in terms of fashion and beauty as there were in Giants touchdowns, which leaves fashionistas like us screaming at the TV in excitement.

Actresses like Sofia Vergara, Angelina Jolie, Claire Danes and Emma Stone stun in gorgeous designer gowns and perfect hair and makeup. There are so many sexy trends that could work perfectly for the rest of us when we have a hot date. If you weren't taking notes, don't worry, we have it all covered! Here are some sultry looks you can rock on your next date night:

Photo: weheartit.com

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