So About That Time I Got Drunk And Slept With My BFF's Boyfriend


How would YOU handle it?

Dear Abiola,

I got drunk last weekend and slept with my best friend’s boyfriend. We were all drunk at her house watching TV. She passed out and her man carried her in the bedroom and put her to bed. Then he came and sat on the couch with me.

I was feeling kind of vulnerable. I haven’t really dated in a while and went through a bad breakup a year ago. I put my head on his shoulder and hugged him but it was only in a brother-sister way. We’ve been cool since the whole 5 months they’ve been together.

Read about what happened at Essence: Intimacy Intervention: 'I Got Drunk And Slept With My Best Friend's Man'

This article was originally published at Essence. Reprinted with permission from the author.


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