17 Reasons Jennifer Lawrence Is Better Off Without Nicholas Hoult


Nicholas Hoult reportedly dumped Jennifer Lawrence for Riley Keough. Downgrade!

Nicholas Hoult reportedly dumped Jennifer Lawrence for Riley Keough, the same girl who Robert Pattinson allegedly rebounded with after his breakup from Kristen Stewart.

The reason for this breakup? Apparently J-Law just got too famous and too full of herself for Hoult to deal with. But guess what? She has every goddamn right to be, because she's fabulous, and he was lucky to even stand in her shadow, because, well, no1 curr about Nicholas Hoult. Here's a breakdown of the breakup, which basically just confirms that our eternal girl crush J-Law is better off without this insecure douche canoe.

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult used to be madly in love and super, super adorable

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult at the 2014 Oscars - Giphy

They previously split because their long distance relationship produced a lot of scheduling conflicts

Nicholas Hoult in 'Skins' - Giphy

They got back together, but it turns out that while Jennifer Lawrence missed Nicholas Hoult, well, Nicholas Hoult just missed Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult in 'Skins' - Tumblr

Jennifer Lawrence tried professing her love for Nicholas Hoult to get him back

Jennifer Lawrence - Tumblr

But when it came time to find out if the feelings were reciprocated

Jennifer Lawrence in 'Silver Linings Playbook' - Giphy

It turned out that Nicholas Hoult loves Nicholas Hoult, first and foremost (Hey, someone has to.)

Nicholas Hoult shirtless - Tumblr

Reports say that Nicholas Hoult also grew tired of Jennifer Lawrence's ego overshadowing his own star and instead is opting for Riley Keough, with whom he previously hooked up on a break from J-Law

Nicholas Hoult in 'Skins' - Tumblr

And frankly, that didn't go over well with J-Law

Jennifer Lawrence in 'Silver Linings Playbook' - Giphy

And considering Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most down-to-earth celebs on the planet, we can't bring ourselves to believe that

Jennifer Lawrence - Tumblr

Maybe his own ego was a little too fragile The man doth protest too much, no?

Nicholas Hoult in 'Skins' - Tumblr

You'd be right, bruh

Nicholas Hoult in 'Skins' - Giphy

And now Nicholas Hoult won't get any more shows like this ever again

Jennifer Lawrence in 'American Hustle' - Giphy

Or like this! You mad, bro?

Jennifer Lawrence in a bikini - Giphy

It should

Nicholas Hoult - Tumblr

Hopefully Jen is dancing to "I Will Survive" and moving on

Jennifer Lawrence in 'American Hustle' - Tumblr

J-Law can give Nick Hoult these

Jennifer Lawrence in 'Silver Linings Playbook'

And Riley Keough? Stop being Hollywood's rebound chick You're better than that.

Riley Keough - Giphy