Orlando Bloom And Justin Bieber's Fight Probably Looked Like This


Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom reportedly came to blows over Selena Gomez and Miranda Kerr.

Modern day Vanilla Ice himself, Justin Bieber, and one-note Pirates Of the Caribbean and Lord Of The Rings star Orlando Bloom apparently got into it over their exes, Victoria's Secret Angel Miranda Kerr and occasional actress and off-pitch singer Selena Gomez. And that love trapezoid got ugly fast. Need a rundown on the love history and sordid sex tales of these four thirsty hot messes? Here's what reportedly went down to ultimately lead to the brawl.

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom used to be like this ...

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom - WiffleGIF

And then like this.

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom with son Flynn - WiffleGIF

That is, until Kerr and Justin Bieber reportedly hooked up at the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Justin Bieber - Tumblr

Obviously, Orlando Bloom wasn't happy with his wife when he heard the news, and they split.

Orlando Bloom in 'Pirates of the Caribbean' - Giphy

The trust was gone, and a bitter feud with Bieber was born.

Orlando Bloom as Legolas in 'Lord of the Rings' - Giphy

Fast forward to this year, and Bloom and Selena Gomez reportedly hooked up in efforts to make Kerr and Bieber jealous. Obviously, Biebs wasn't thrilled.

Justin Bieber - Tumblr

But apparently revenge was pretty sweet for Bloom.

Orlando Bloom - Tumblr

Last night in Ibiza, at a party that included Diddy, Lindsay Lohan and more celebs, Justin Bieber was being his usual self when Orlando Bloom walked in.

Orlando Bloom in 'Kingdom of Heaven' - Tumblr

Justin Bieber reportedly talked smack to Orlando Bloom about their mutual exes and hookups, Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber in his 'All That Matters' video - Giphy

And Bieber didn't like it when Orlando Bloom talked back.

Justin Bieber in his deposition tape - Tumblr

After some back and forth peacocking, Orlando Bloom threw a punch at the pint-sized Biebs.

Orlando Bloom as Legolas in 'Lord of the Rings' - Giphy

So does Justin Bieber look like this right now? Maybe not ...

Justin Bieber in his 'As Long As You Love Me' video - Tumblr

... Because some reports say Bloom's punch didn't even land.

Orlando Bloom in 'Pirates of the Caribbean' - Giphy

Most of those reports cite Justin Bieber's team as sources, because, well, they want Orlando Bloom to look like a bitch.

Justin Bieber boxing - Tumblr

Whether or not that's true has yet to be determined, but one thing's for sure: Everyone involved in this drama is an idiot who deserves what they're getting.

Orlando Bloom in 'Pirates of the Caribbean' - Giphy

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