The Post-Breakup Workout: 10 Exercises To Get Over An Ex


A reader survey showed exercise as one of the top three ways to get over an ex.

Breaking up with someone is always hard, even when you know that the person is wrong for you. What can be even harder though, is getting over them. Eighty-five percent of readers in YourTango survey said they struggle with breakups and could use a "breakover" — aka an internal and external makeover aimed at helping them move on. One of the best methods to a successful "breakover" is through exercise — in fact, survey respondents listed exercise as one of the top three methods for getting over a breakup.

Besides serving as a good distraction, exercise helps us to:

- release emotions and channel all that post-breakup energy in a constructive, positive way
- build a stronger and healthier you which boosts self-esteem and confidence
- helps you look and feel amazing! And while being the hottest you ever can't fully heal a broken heart, it sure doesn't hurt.

So if you are ready to get over that ex of yours once and for all, try this workout to help you look and feel your best. By the end of the workout, your mind will be cleared, your entire body will be worked and you will have burned lots of fat!

This routine is best done after a 10 minute warm up jog, jump rope session, bike ride, etc. Perform each exercise for one minute and go directly into the next exercise with no rest. Try to do 3-4 rounds of the routine and finish off with a 10 minute cool down and stretch. Everything can be modified to be more or less challenging — you can contact me through my website for modifications.

Photo: weheartit.com

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