Find Out How You Show The Love Using Love Languages


The five love languages.

Fights between couples often arise due to miscommunication and not being able to relate to where your partner is coming from. It can often feel like your significant other just doesn't understand you or appreciate you. What follows is feelings of frustration-- you don't know how exactly to explain or resolve this communication divide--and it can really drive you crazy!

You may feel undesired, unloved, or misunderstood. But the truth is, your partner may be showing you a great amount of affection and you just may not be picking up on the signals. Why? Because he or she is not showing it to you in the specific way you desire or interpret love. In other words, your partners is not speaking your love language.

Dr. Gary Chapman, best-selling author of The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate believes determining what your love language is can help you and your partner figure out how to love each other the right way—meaning the specific way in which you both crave affection.

Some people feel love through compliments or thoughtful gifts. Others tend to appreciate courteous acts and quality conversation more than anything else. Some simply crave tender touches to affirm their love.

Read on to figure out which love language is your native tongue.

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