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#TattooFAIL: 20 Celebrities Who Got Tattoos Of Their Exes


These celebs got tattoos in honor of their lovers ... and regretted it a whole lot afterward.

Melanie Griffith had her tattoo in honor of estranged husband Antonio Banderas removed, and it made us lose faith in love. Or at least in love-inspired ink. Melanie isn't alone in her tattoo re-dos and removal. These celebs had equally bad luck in love and body art ... and some of them really deserved it.

Charlie Sheen in "Anger Management" - IMDB

Marc Anthony - Twitter

Eva Longoria - IMDB

Iggy Azalea's A$AP Rocky tattoo - Instagram

Kat Von D: Kat Von D had Jesse James' childhood face tattooed on her body When he cheated on her, she got it lasered off. Even though him cheating on her kind of ruined her life (I mean, she dated Deadmau5 afterward), it did have that one positive aspect: Tattoos are cool, but getting the face of a child on your body is always a bad idea, and a super creepy idea. Especially if it's the face of the person that you're currently sleeping with (who happens to also be sleeping with a bunch of other people behind your back).

Kat Von D lasering off her Jesse James tattoo - Instagram

Russell Brand - Rolling Stone

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton - IMDB

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's coordinating Roosevelt tattoos - Instagram

Adrienne Bailon - Instagram

Johnny Depp - IMDB

Heidi Klum: In order to celebrate four years of marriage Heidi and Seal got tattoos of each other's names, but the couple broke up in The model then started the removal process.

Photo: WeHeartIt

Heidi Klum

Christina Aguilera: The Voice coach and pop star was once married to Jordan Bratman To show off her love she got a tattoo, but they eventually split in 2010.

Photo: Pinterest

Christina Aguilera

Kathy Griffin: The redhead comedian decided to ditch the ring and go for a wedding ring tattoo Sadly, her marriage to Matt Moline ended and is left with a painful reminder. "I have one tattoo on my whole body like an ***hole and it’s a f***ing wedding ring and I'm divorced," vented Griffin.

Photo: Pinterest

Kathy Griffin

Melanie Griffith: What does one do when you fall madly in love with Antonio Banderas and get married to him? You get a heart shaped tattoo with his name! At least that's what Melanie Griffith did When they went their separated way she began the removal process.

Photo: Pinterest

Melanie Griffith's tattoo

Denise Richards: It looks like Charlie wasn't the only one who was smitten Denise returned the favor by getting his named tattoo on her ankle. Sadly we all know how this turned out, and she later covered it up with a fairy tattoo!

Photo: Pinterest

Denise Richards

Rihanna: Back in the dark days when Rihanna was still very much attached to Chris Brown they decided to get matching tattoos Luckily it didn't involve their names, but stars. After they broke up the singer added more stars in order to change the tattoo.

Photo: Pinterest


Levi Johnston: While Bristol Palin was still with Levi, he decided to get her name tattooed on his ring finger The two broke up in 2010 not too long after having their son, Tripp.

Photo: Pinterest

Levi Johnston

Britney Spears: While Britney and Kevin Federline were together they got matching dice tattoos Once they were broke up it was noticeable that Britney started removing it.

Photo: Pinterest

Britney Spears

Jude Law: The British actor had lyrics to the long "Sexy Sadie" tattooed on his arm referring to his ex-wife, Sadie Frost Once they split he had it covered with a heart.

Photo: Pinterest

Jude Law

Chad Ochocinco: After the news broke that Chad and wife, Evelyn Lozada were on the rocks he decided to try and show his dedication to her by getting her tattooed on his leg It didn't work and they still aren't together.

Photo: Pinterest

Chad Ochocinco



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