9 Things That Can Go Horribly Wrong When Dating The Boss


Heed these warnings.

Plenty of people fantasize about dating their boss. And we can get that. Sure, you have a shared interest and career goals, but is that really enough to risk your job over? Read on to find the nine disastrous things that can happen when you hook up with superior.



It's a great way to get in trouble with HR, who will be all:
Public displays of affection become a tricky minefield. In the office? Only at home? And what if you run into a colleague while making out in a bar? #Awkward.
Boundaries get crossed. They are so essential to a good working environment, but dating your superior inevitably leads to blurred lines.
Them being the boss can carry over into your personal lives, leading to an imbalance in the relationship. That will just breed anger.
You co-workers will feel resentful of your connection and any special treatment (real or imaginary).
Worse than that, they could think poorly of you. No one wants to be known as the office floozy. That's never fun.
Your every action and promotion is scrutinized, as co-workers and other superiors look for signs of favoritism.
If things don't work out, you career could seriously suffer (depending on how petty or hurt your boss is).
Your future in your field could be jeopardized by a bad reference if the relationship fails.