Lee Mayfair : My girl the Northeast


Lee Mayfair : My girl the Northeast
celebrity in the Internet age is over- consumption, Lee Mayfair has not been digested

author Zhou Yu


celebrity in the Internet age is over- consumption, Lee Mayfair has not been digested , even if they are labeled numerous unwarranted label , but she still face clear eyes clarity, heart light .

in the latest release of Hunan Satellite TV "Flowers and Youth" program, Lee Mayfair Baidu search volume soared, rushed topped Baidu entertainment celebrity actress and search index dual chart.

people again zeroed in on the clear spirit and confused girl , curiously searching her past . Face again , " popular " , Lee Mayfair even more peace of mind . Because of this situation , she experienced several times.

" Every once regarded himself as a newcomer "

debut a few years, the more hair cut shorter . Today short hair , people in a trance , like a remote control to see the 2009 shooting Imaginations director of the film " Rizhao Chongqing " in the small text again, it is suffocating love, indecisive. In the face of unbearable fate stubbornly Jin Jinzuan everything in his hands.

" Rizhao Chongqing" in the same year as the only finalist Cannes Competition of Chinese films . When Cannes debut, director Wang Xiaoshuai carry starring Fan Bingbing, Li Mayfair , Qin Hao, justice and other sub- rally scene for the film . Hundreds of domestic and international media on the movie two girls were extensive coverage , Lee Mayfair begun to taste the "popular " taste . Recalls trip to Cannes that year, Lee Mayfair sigh , or embark on the most memorable red carpet moment . In the face of the red carpet veteran - Jing Yan Fan Bingbing on the same stage . " Red carpet newcomer , Liaoning Lee Mayfair girl Pink shoulder dress sketched beautiful lines, also performed well , the two Chinese girls become beautiful scenery on the red carpet ." Media case was reported.

" walk the red carpet with Fan Ye, a definitely stressful , but we are a community , everyone comes out of the charm is different, I think if you do ' like Lee Mayfair ' even if qualified the . " Lee recalls with a smile Mayfair trip to Cannes that year .

as if into a long waiting period , Lee Mayfair hoping once again to break through their busy and in a variety of attempts , but failed to got it. People talk about her name, always stay in this beautiful girl cooing over impression .

2011 , Lee Mayfair in Hunan TV hit show " Strictly Come Dancing" in the third quarter to record the scene , once again blew people's curiosity.

Who is she ?

forgetful users with entertainment navy again in the search box enter " Lee Mayfair " name , out of the window, there are eight and ten love about her , one of the few works of reports it appears thin a lot. Instantaneous , people began whispering to each other on the network , chewing her tongue on the side of people when it comes to gossip .

TV this head Lee Mayfair had become accustomed to the face of outside criticism , in each phase of the program group dancing rehearsal had to spend all of her passion for the topic , "I just want to jump better every dance I just want to participate in this program myself acting this way stopped to look , listen and learn new energy to start again. everything outside of me are practicing . " Lee Mayfair said.

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