Woman Crush Wednesday: Our 10 Biggest Celeb Girl Crushes Ever!


Tina Fey as Liz Lemon in '30 Rock'
You're going to fall in love with these sexy, smart, sassy celeb girl crushes!

We all know men love to ogle sexy pics of celebrities (especially nude celebrities!), but let's not lie: Girls have crushes on a bunch of them too. See the sexiest, sassiest, silliest celebrity woman crushes ever and get ready to fall in love!

From her witty banter on Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" to her Sarah Palin impression to her self-deprecation on 30 Rock to her Golden Globes hosting perfection (phew!), Tina Fey is every woman's dream girl: Smart, sassy, sexy and hilarious.

Tina Fey

A true bad girl gone good, Angelina Jolie went from wearing vials of Billy Bob Thornton's blood to raising a brood with Brad Pitt and becoming one of Hollywood's biggest humanitarians ever.

Angelina Jolie

They don't call Beyonce King Bey for nothing -- her reign is so strong and so big that it exceeds queendom! From singing, dancing, mothering and acting to just remaining poised and confident even in sticky situations (hey, elevator!), Beyonce is the closest thing to human perfection we have. Bow down, bitches.


Emma Watson is always elegant and refined, even in her wardrobe malfunctions -- and she's gorgeous to boot. Maybe she really does have magical powers.

Emma Watson

Clumsy, self-aware, hilarious, outspoken, beautiful and talented, Jennifer Lawrence is one Oscar winner we all wish was our real life BFF.

Jennifer Lawrence

If you're wondering why Madonna is one of our woman crushes, consider the fact that she's a singer, dancer, actress, designer, perfumer, mom, gay icon, activist and avid Instagrammer. And that she's 55 and we're still talking about her.


Sofia Vergara is a cancer survivor, a mom, a designer and a hoot. And those curves! And that accent! And now, she's finally rid of Nick Loeb. We're not worthy. (And neither is he.)

Sofia Vergara

Who doesn't love a princess? Especially one so elegant!

Kate Middleton

With a super-high IQ, fluency in multiple languages, humanitarism and a hot hubby and kid, who wouldn't love Shakira?


J to the L-O! That glow, that booty and the way she shakes it -- on top of being a mom, an entrepreneur and one helluva an American Idol judge -- Jennifer Lopez is here for the long run.

Jennifer Lopez

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