the jacket rapper to hide her pink dress


the jacket rapper to hide her pink dress
Like the festival, Cannes nights continue on the Croisette

Like the festival, Cannes nights continue on the Croisette. Last night, the people had once again go to the edge of the Villa Schweppes but this time for the evening Reebok. One night not so sport it!
For ten days, Cannes is the land of glamor. On the red carpet at Cannes, in the evenings ... Any occasion is good to get out pretty dress or tuxedo good class. Yes, absolutely every occasion, even evening Reebok!
On board the Villa Schweppes, no sneakers, hats or hoodies (at the same time it is Cannes)! But dresses, shoes and transparency (yet). Among the guests Ayème Nour. The facilitator is absolutely everywhere on this edition of the Cannes Film Festival dropped her ultra sexy outfit from yesterday, for a look very lovely pin-up and a tad more casual. Karine Le Marchand was a more sophisticated hair with his jacket in black and white fur and her tight dress. Separated from Lilian Thuram, she caught the eye of Passi who rushed to pose with him. Next couple Daphne Bürki and Gunther Love played the card of high class. Axelle Lafont Cyril Paglio preferred to leave the house to enjoy the evening with Marco Prince.
The only one who dared hooded jacket with Reebok feet is Stomy Bugsy. Moreover, Laurence Roustandjee might have to borrow the jacket rapper to hide her Pink dress worthy of the most beautiful wallpapers.
Failing to do sports, guests were able to enjoy the cuisine of Jean Imbert. And plate, no bad taste!


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