No Boys Here: 10 Things You Can't Do When You Only Have Daughters

father and daughter

One thing? You won't get peed on by a penis while changing a diaper.

What's it like to be a father to only daughters? Well, for one, you get a strange look from the cashier at McDonald's when you try to order the "boy toy" with your Happy Meal.

At least that's what happened to Huffington Post blogger Mike Reynolds, father of two daughters, who then was inspired to come up a great list of the other things you can't do when you have all daughters.

He set out to see if there was something he was missing out on by not having a son. 

One item on the list? When you have all daughters, you won't get peed on by a penis while changing a diaper. No, that definitely will not be happening. As for the other items you can't do when you have all female children? Well, the rest of the list may actually surprise you.

See the full list at Huffington Post Good NewsThe Great List of Things I Can't Do Because I Only Have Daughters

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