Acquaint yourself to the world of Instagram magnets


Acquaint yourself to the world of Instagram magnets

Are you an Insta-geek or to be more precise, an Instagram addict? If so then the site must have overwhelmed you with its numerous photo options and the way you can customize several images to gather likes and accolades. Basically, celebs and commoners alike have fallen in love with this wonderful app that has notched a tremendous fan following in the shortest time possible. If you are still unaware about this concept, sign in and form an account and see for yourself the beauties you get to explore in the world of devoted shutterbugs.

The pictures you upload on Instagram can easily make a superb effect on others, especially with Instagram magnets that can be form suitable giveaways or interesting room décor. The digital world is a vast space and the craze of uploading photos that speak for them seems to increase by leaps and bounds. This smartphone application of Instagram has revolutionized the very pattern of photo sharing and attaching befitting captions along with it. In fact, some are the trending hits and alongside, there are videos that go viral too.

Nobody even knew about this application until celebs started posting weird selfies and now people have got hooked to it so much that Instagram magnets have become the hot favorites. If you are new to this, yet intend to make a mark with your stupendous creative spark, go for this inexpensive collage setting and see the rave reviews you bring for yourself with your favorite photos.

Imagine you don’t require a proper SLR Camera or even a digital one to bring your emotions to the fore. With your phone camera that has a 5 megapixel camera or even more, capture moments that are priceless and bring out on these strips to glue your photos only to see for yourself how effortlessly you can bring a smile to the faces of your near and dear ones. Steer clear of making your stuffs look ugly by cutting off the edges of the magnets with a pair of scissors or bordering it well. If this is not the perfect platform to display your craft skills to the fore, then when will you?

If you wish to make one of these magnets at your home, get few cardboard pieces or cork sheet alongside the magnetic strips. Bring the images from your phone via the printouts and cut it into proper shapes and sizes. Next, get the glue and attach these strips with the photos, paying special attention towards corners and edges as that can make or break the show of your created collage. Let your glue dry for some time and bring some vibrancy if you can with acrylic paints at the sides. This makes for a real marvelous show and you will wonder if it was you who created the little artwork by yourself!

The idea of Instagram magnets is all about making a difference with little things. We’re so pressed for time that we barely make an effort to surprise our loved ones with valuable items. These magnets truly are one of a kind in helping one achieve priceless moments or reminisce the good old times.

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