See Kendall Jenner's New $1.39 Million Condo!


See Kendall Jenner's insane new apartment!

Kim Kardashian isn't the only person in her family with big news! Kendall Jenner just plunked down a cool $1.39 million for a new condo. The 18-year-old "satellite Kardashian" is growing up!

The two-bedroom condo is in the swanky Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, so Jenner won't be far from her famous family. Aside from the beautiful photos you see here, the pad also boasts a heated swimming pool and a wine storage area ... which Jenner won't be able to legally use for another three years.

If only Harry Styles and Jenner were still together, she'd have some company in her new place!

The bathroom in Kendall Jenner's new condo has both a bath and a separate shower, which makes unwinding after a long day of doing nothing (or modeling) even more luxe

Kendall Jenner new apartment

Despite the steep price tag, Jenner only has two bedrooms in her new pad

Kendall Jenner new apartment

The open layout has a dining area right next to the kitchen

Kendall Jenner new apartment

And what a kitchen it is! It features all stainless steel appliances and lots of cabinet space for snacks -- just not chocolate, because she hates it!

Kendall Jenner new apartment

Lounging in this living room will allow Kendall Jenner to continue the life of luxury she's enjoyed since birth

Kendall Jenner new apartment



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